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How much can such an affiliate actually earn?

Affiliates are now a common way to make money, even in the office (side business)How much can such an affiliate actually earn? Where you are interested.

According to the manager's investigation, net income 0 
dollar = 39%, less than 1,000 = 35%, 1,000 dollars to less than 5,000 dollars = 15%, 5,000 dollars to less than 10,000 dollars = 5%, 10,000 dollars to less than 30,000 dollars = 3 %, 30,000 yen or more = 3% .

Those who are looking may be disappointed. 10,000 yen or more has not reached 10%. But this is a certain fact, and beginners can hardly make money.

Therefore, about 70% of the people who started affiliate marketing but couldn't make money and "quit immediately" and "people who are left alone". Most people do it halfway and give up halfway. That is reflected in this number.

However, some affiliates who earn more than 30,000 Dollars = 3% earn 1 million dollars a month, while others include millions and tens of millions of Dollars.
Affiliates are tasks that require knowledge and effort.

If you can earn more than 5,000 yen, your income will suddenly increase. Is the characteristic of affiliates. If you can do your best without being frustrated, an affiliate who earns 1 million yen a month is not a dream.

Then, how to make money with affiliates! ??

Before that, please be aware of the following when doing affiliates.

  • You need to build your own site
    You need to study simple programming languages ​​such as HTML and CSS.
    Even an amateur can easily remember it.

    Or use WordPress. Just install the blog software that has functions such as selecting a template and adding articlesThis can be done without any knowledge.

  • Basically free except for domain name and rental server fee
    Acquisition of domain name Approximately 1,000 yen per
    year Rental server Approximately 5,000 yen per year
    * Free server can be used without acquiring the domain name. However, it is difficult to attract customers.

  • Attract customers to the site and earn advertising revenue
    If there is no access, the income is 0 yen If the number
    of customers is huge, you can earn millions or tens of millions of yen

  • It takes time to earn more than $ 5,000, which spares no effort until it attracts customersLearn the knowledge for that.

As for the method of making money at the beginner level and the intermediate level, I was able to make as much money as I could. However, this affiliate earning method requires time and effort to make money. However, once you get on track and make money, you can make continuous money without doing anything

by updating the site about once a month This is the biggest attraction of affiliates. Next page >Let's open a homepage!